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Can true love overcome resident evil?

In SOPIE, the second book in the Twin Flame Trilogy, a matured Anna Sopoulos reunites with the love of her life, Mark Banos.  Leaving the witness protection program and New Orleans, Anna changes her name to Sopie Banos, and the couple, along with their teenage son Vinnie, move to rural Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. They plan to begin a new life of peace and tranquility.

Fate, however, has a different plan for the newly unified family. A looming darkness stalks them–waiting for the perfect moment to exact its ghastly revenge. Sopie soon discovers that the peace of her family’s rural life must be sacrificed for the good of the whole town.

Together, Sopie and Mark must use their combined supernatural abilities to rid their new community of this unimaginable horror before it can consume them all.

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“IF” Book One of the Twin Flames Triolgy by Spencer Michaels


Does true love stand a chance against a hitman and the mob?

When Anna, a young naive girl, is forced to marry William Bakalar, a hitman for the Youngstown, Ohio mob, she never expects to risk everything by falling for another man. But Tom Marks, is everything to Anna…not just her love, but her destiny.

Together, Tom, a quick-tempered night club performer, and Anna, a budding clairvoyant, find romance, but their union is merely an undercurrent of what’s really at stake for this couple. Together, they share a deep connection beyond mere physicality, but that which is also spiritual.

Their Twin Flame relationship, if not realized, will affect more than their hearts—it could create an imbalance jeopardizing the entire planet. The world stands to lose a combined force for good if Tom and Anna are not reunited. Will the violent mafia culture and the hateful William Bakalar be enough to keep them apart?

Compared to Richard Matheson’s classic novels, “What Dreams May Come” and “Bid Time Return” about a man who travels back in time to court a woman, Spencer Michaels’ novel, If, provides a satisfying, page-turning journey for romance and fantasy readers.

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