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How creole cooking found its way into our novel.

Cooking has always been one of my great loves. Actually, eating is, but one must cook to eat.

I do most of the cooking at my house. Not that my wife isn’t an excellent cook, she is. But she works outside of the home while my lazy ass sits and writes most of the day. The least I can do is cook, right?

A few years ago, I updated all of our cookware and knives with some really nice utensils and started experimenting with different types of recipes. Both my wife and I love seafood and we love spicy food, so it was only natural that we would run across Weezeyanna Cuisine.

Our favorite, by far, is red bean and rice with andouille sausage, with plenty of Crystal’s Hot Sauce. OoooWee. I guarantee. We also love Cajun Style Salmon, which is featured in Book Two of the Twin Flame Trilogy, coming out this summer. It’s called Sopie.

Taking our characters to New Orleans was a delight. Featuring some of the restaurants that are famous down there along with their specialties made the locale an alluring one. My love for cigars, scotch and chess made finding the Cigar Factory in New Orleans a special treat.

For more great recipes, be sure to grab a FREE copy of Beachin’ in the Keetchin’ on one of my previous blogs at FREE COPY.

Spencer’s Two Cents

I can attest that any recipes you find in Beachin’ in the Keetchin’ are going to be worthwhile. My Dad and I are very similar in that when we pick up hobbies, we usually get REALLY invested. That’s what happened with him and cooking and you’ll definitely see that in our cookbook.

Since Dad hails from the Eastern Shore Maryland, it was always a rite of passage for us boys growing up to pig out on crab legs and whatever other crustaceous delights were hiding in the steam pot. I quickly learned to appreciate the glory of National Bohemian and Old Bay as the only real seasoning tools a good chef needs.

When it came time for me and Dad to take a trip to New Orleans years ago, I was over the moon. He’s talked up all the different types of food we’d explore and the music that went with it. In reality, by the time we got down there, I couldn’t smell or taste a thing. I was feverish with one of the worst sinus infections I’ve ever had in my life. Still ate a Muffuletta from Central Grocery like a champ, but hey, when in Rome, right?

Soon I plan to go back to New Orleans. For years now I’ve had my Dad’s cooking and I’ve impressed many a folks with the Cajun salmon recipe he mentioned above, so I want to see if there’s anything else hidden down there that we haven’t mastered yet. If you want to catch up in the culinary department before meeting me on Bourbon Street, be sure to get your free cookbook here: FREE COPY.

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