Crabby? Let’s Go On Vacation! #AmWriting #MondayBlogs #recipes

Vacation Time! And we are visiting the scene of the crime in our Twin Flame Trilogy, Atlantic Beach, NC, of course we are. It is and has been my family’s favorite vacation spot for decades.

During the next month, we are going to investigate and review some restaurants from places mentioned in our novels as well as some of the eateries in the towns we reside. In addition to reviews and photos, we might even be able to wiggle out a secret recipe or two.

We’ll start with everybody’s favorite restaurant in Atlantic Beach, OUR KITCHEN. It seems that this chain is so large, that there is one no matter where we go. Always can count on great food, drink and conversation, although the wait staff’s a little slow. (Probably due to the steady flow of scotch).

The making of a great restaurant starts with great food and nestled on the causeway of this quaint beach town, we find a local seafood shop, Atlantic Beach Seafood. We have purchased our seafood from the Willis’ for about 20 years and it’s as fresh as it gets. Now owned and operated by Kamile and Chandler Willis, AB Seafood has a variety of fresh fish, little neck clams, oysters, crabs, and everything you need to go along with them. They will even make a steam pot for you if you are too timid to try it yourself.

The video below is taken from a scene in the third book of our trilogy, Sonny’s Boy, but this is not a canned performance by any means. This was actually my wife and I steaming crabs while on vacation in Atlantic Beach and what actually happened. We were mistakenly given the owner’s dinner instead of ours to cook. He came and delivered our Jimmies himself and took back his cooked Sukes. We enjoyed our dinner. I hope Grandpa Willis enjoyed his! And we hope you enjoy some excellent seafood, as well, next time you are down this way.

Steamed Blue Crabs

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