Night at the Big Oak  #AmWriting #MondayBlogs #recipes

Well, here we are at Atlantic Beach and as promised we will be reviewing a restaurant or two from Down East.

Before we get into that, I thought I would share a picture of my writing partner in front of the old Ramada Inn, that is featured throughout the Twin Flame Trilogy. The professor was a tad younger then (12) and learned a great deal about jellyfish on this trip. And yes, those are the infamous chairs and umbrellas, put up by you know who. (If you don’t know who, read the books)

Moving forward, today we are going to take a look at Salterpath’s finest eating establishment, also featured in our books, The Big Oak Drive-In and BBQ, home of the shrimpburger.

Noted In Coastal Living Magazine as “one of the best South Atlantic Seafood Dives,” Big Oak’s owner, Stewart Pickett, offers up shrimpburgers, oysterburgers, clamburgers, crab cake sandwiches, fresh flounder filet sandwiches, soft shell crab sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs and the best BBQ on the beach. Located halfway between Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle in Salterpath, they have been serving locals and tourists alike for over 45 years.

This past Friday night, after a day of gale winds and rain, we ventured down to Salterpath to give this one a try.  I guess I waited 45 years to try this place because I wanted to give them time to get it right. WOW! That’s all I can say. WOW! They got it right.

As advertised, this is THE place to go for a shrimpburger. That’s alot to say for me because I like neither tartar sauce nor coleslaw, but on this sandwich, along with the ketchup, it is absolutely nirvana. I tried the BBQ with slaw and hot sauce and WOO-WEE I GARONTEE this be gurd! You gotta try this place.

Make sure to visit this icon while at the beach, any day but Monday.

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