We’re Back from the Beach! So, What’s for Dinner? #AmWriting #MondayBlogs #recipes spencermichaelsbooks.com/blog



Well, we’re back in the big “D.” For those of you who don’t know, that’s Danville,VA and it’s where one half of the team Spencer Michaels still resides.

Adjusting your taste buds from a week at the beach is difficult, if not impossible. However, there is one place that will help your palate to regain a normal life, Joe and Mimma’s Italian Restaurant.

In the first place, Italian food will help you to overcome the richness of the seafood. If, however, you desire to ease the withdrawal back to reality, they offer some of the best fish and seafood dishes available prepared in gourmet fashion.

The restaurant is not fancy, and you could certainly bring the kids, but the dishes they prepare run the gamut of eloquent specials and veal entrees to spagetti and meatballs to Italian subs and sandwiches, calzones, stromboli and of course pizza. There is also an extensive salad bar to compliment your meal or to eat as a meal. Lighter, healthier fare is also offered. The lobster bisque, when available, is to die for!


After enjoying this restaurant for over 40 years, my hat’s off to Randy and Mima Brooks for continuing to serve the Danville area in such a progressive manner. Located in Riverside Shopping Center, the restaurant is open everyday for lunch and dinner except Sunday and Monday.

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