Twin Flames. Fact or Fiction? #MondayBlogs #AmWriting

If you read our book, “If”, then you know that the main thread of the story involves the reuniting of Twin Flames. But what is a Twin Flame? Is it the same as a soulmate or something quite different?

Unlike our soulmate, who is our perfect match, the Twin Flame is our perfect mirror, seeing every flaw that we have, making this an on again off again type of relationship.

There are no rules in soul connections and the idea that someone must do doesn’t exist. The only thing that always exists is unconditional love. This unfortunately doesn’t always transcend into the physical world in which we live. As in most cases, one twin will usually awaken, while the other stays in denial, running. Both take their own journey, experiencing life in their unique way and many times on completely different paths. But the destination is the same and they do reunite at some future date. This they can be assured…or can they?

What are your thoughts? As I have talked to readers at various book signings, I have found that some of you have experienced this phenomena or have had a strong belief in it, so I thought, for the next few weeks, we would discuss the subject of Twin Flames and Twin Flame relationships as well as introduce you to my second novel in the Twin Flame Trilogy, “Sopie.”

I look forward to hearing your comments and your stories. Please share them with us.

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