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This story recently appeared on CNN.

“An anonymous buyer purchased a ring for $13 at an open market sale in the U.K., in the 1980s. The person originally believed the ring was simply costume jewelry but learned that it was actually a 26.29 carat diamond after Sotheby’s appraised it several months ago.

img_0398The “genuine cushion-shaped” diamond sold for $847,667 at the Sotheby’s Fine Jewels auction in London. 

The silver had tarnished, and there was some dirt in the setting. These diamonds were made for candlelight, not our white artificial light, so it was all about trying to bring out its fire.”

I wonder sometimes if we pass people in our daily lives, some tarnished with a conceivably dull setting, never allowing them to bring out their fire because they are looked upon in an artificial light.

How many times a day, do we take the time, if only for a second, to share in someone’s joy, have empathy or a prayer for someone’s pain or loss? Or are we so busy that we just don’t make the time?

This is how we can be the Twin Flame that doesn’t recognize the other twin. They are sometimes so busy with the life they lead that they fail to see the mirror that is in front of them. The can’t see the forest for the trees syndrome.

I remember my brother, who I won’t say was annoying, but managed to always call to talk at the worse times. He had tried reaching me one weekend and, as usual, I ignored the calls as I was too busy.

That Saturday, he called again and before I got a chance to think about it, I picked up. We talked for about an hour about all kinds of projects he was interested in doing musically and after we hung up I was exhilarated, anxiously anticipating the possibility of doing a new music project with him.

That Monday, I got a call from his wife that he was gone. Massive coronary. Fifty years old. Do you think I ignore calls today?

Remember, cards and calls are nice, but soon forgotten in the hustle and bustle of the world in which we live. But remember that inside our shells there is spirit. Spirit responds to energy. Positive energy heals the spirit. Kind meditative thoughts enable a person’s spirit.

Meditate daily to pass only these thoughts of unconditional love, light and peace to those around us. Believe me, they cherish those feelings in the still of a lonely night and you will find yourself recharged.

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