Stop and Smell the Roses (or bacon, if you prefer) #AmWriting #MondayBlogs

Last week I wrote about the pitfalls that we face when we ignore others. This week I’d like to elaborate on what we miss out on when we ignore ourselves.

We often-time find ourselves so busy that we feel like a one-armed paper hanger with the hives. Deadlines to meet, children to feed, mortgages to pay. All of these things are important, for sure, but how much happiness do we derive from being able to accomplish one more goal, just to find a loftier one…purchase the latest electronic gizmo, just to find it obsolete next week. Remember, we all are living on borrowed time during this game of life and when we exit the game, all of those valuable pieces just go back in the box.

There is so much beauty to appreciate in those simple things that surround us everywhere. Should we not occasionally sit and breathe in God’s natural beauty? Oh, and then there’s love. I don’t mean romantic love necessarily, but that is certainly in the equation. But what I speak of is more of an Agape love or unconditional love.

Unconditional love requires us to shed our egos and love ourselves for who we are. Until we do, we can never experience unconditional love with another. How can we do this if we never take the time to clear our minds and meditate about how we can make ourselves a better partner for the planet and the people around us?

Judgement is another thing that prevents us from loving unconditionally. How can you say that you love unconditionally if you continue to find pleasure in making condescending remarks about a person’s appearance, clothing or habits? It doesn’t mean that you can’t dislike an appearance or a life-style, but does it really affect you in a negative way? What makes you think that you are so styling?

Twin Flames, I believe, have this problem ten-fold, as each is a mirror of the other. They are complete opposites of each other and therefore are bound to not like these differences very much until they reach that point where each appreciates the other’s individuality and begin to realize that each is the perfect compliment to the other.

I think a lot of people misunderstand the Twin Flame relationship and confuse it with a soulmate, which is more of a romantic match. And I am sure that the fictional accounts in my books have added to this misunderstanding. Oops!

Understand, that a Twin Flame, exhibiting unconditional love, could be any two souls, male/male, female/female, male/female, young/old. Like I said, it is not about a physical reunion, but a spiritual one. They incarnate at different times and each time it is for the growth of the individual as well as the union. Until both halves of the soul have matured, there is no reuniting.

Twin Flames, although romantically popularized recently, are very rare occurrences in this physical dimension. One could actually be in another dimension, so a physical reunion during this lifetime would be impossible. However, one supports the other always.

So where does all of this leave us? We all should strive everyday to steal a little time away to make ourselves better. We need to add perfection to our life. The universe will take care of everything else in it’s time. We need to taste and see the beauty that God has placed before us and commit to loving who we are. It is then, and only then, that we will truly begin to love others as God loves us…Unconditionally.

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