The Twin Flame Paradox #AmWriting #MondayBlogs


We have talked about the Twin Flame relationship from a lot of different angles over the last several weeks. If you don’t understand anything else, understand this; the Twin Flame relationship is not always, and I should say seldom, a romantic relationship as described in most romance novels. (Ooops! There I go again blowing more sales of our books!)

In fact, a Twin Flame relationship is actually a look inward. Most people tend to think that if they look outside themselves that this would make for a much more peaceful planet. Actually, the reverse is true.

When we look inside and reflect on changing those things deep inside our psyche that prevent us from loving fully, we develop unconditional love and this in effects makes the outward changes spreading our light throughout the world.

Since your Twin Flame is your true self, how can you love her/him without truly loving yourself.The twin is merely a mirror or reflection of this true self, helping you to see your flaws clearly so that they can be healed making for a more perfect soul when reunited.

This is why so many twins are runners. They are not prepared nor are the ready for such revelation. Your twin may have a vocation (work, marriage, etc.) that they came to experience in this physical world and you provide a disruption or turmoil that they just weren’t prepared for. Leave them be and stop chasing. Go back to inner evaluation. This is a spirit relationship, not a physical one and reunion may not take place in this lifetime or dimension. That’s hard to wrap your head around sometimes.

Oh, and just like most good things, twins usually show up at the most inappropriate times in your life or they show up at a time of great need, just to disappear again. The reason for uniting with you twin is to face your own unresolved issues and reach your soul’s highest potential to shine love’s light on the world.

Remember, a Twin Flame should not be confused with a soulmate or romantic partner. It is natural to assume that they would be in our humanistic view as this is our natural measuring stick in the physical world. However, this is a relationship of spirit, not flesh, although that doesn’t mean that the intensity of the relationship doesn’t end up in a physical relationship.


Then, you have to consider the opposites factor. How many are prepared to live with someone that likes what you hate and hates what you like. She like hard rock, you like jazz. She likes steak, your vegan. She likes piercings, you don’t even like giving yourself an insulin injection. Without the journey to the center of your soul, meeting your Twin Flame can be very painful and cause a great deal of conflict for you. How can you love someone one minute and want to beat the hell out of them the next? If you have met your twin, then know that there is much work for you to do. It won’t be all shits and giggles. Seeking your Twin Flame is not for wusses.

Interesting point here, none of those differences matter. When you are ready to meet your Twin Flame, you will have overcome all of these little annoyances and already realized that you have embraced those differences and see how they truly compliment you.

Unconditional love is a tough job. No one said it would be easy, but until we can get into our own heads and love our true self how could we possibly attract our twin.

Listen to the words of this classic while meditating on these ideas.

The Greatest Love of All


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