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We hate sequels.

Why? They are rarely as good as the first book or movie and almost always leave you at a place of disappointment rather than the satisfaction you had in the previous story; the one that left you longing for more.

It is for this reason, when our publisher suggested writing a sequel, that we almost totally dismissed it. How could we take our characters to another book. We were satisfied that we had said all we had to say and didn’t want to create an expansive product purely for the sake of profit and exposure. If we couldn’t write something that was of everlasting value and make your heart smile, well…we just wouldn’t do it.

After listening to our readers and fans, we found that they wanted more from the characters that they had come to know and love. They knew from the epilogue what the final outcome was, but they had a genuine curiosity as to the details that happened over the 40 year span from New Orleans to the nursing home in New Bern. There were just too many unanswered questions for some.

We still hated sequels, and didn’t want to continue the story if we couldn’t create a plot line that was maybe even more intriguing than the first, while at the same time continuing to get to know each character, as Master Bennie might say, “More better.”

We decided to call this sequel a midquel as the story begins before the epilogue of “If” with Anna lying on the ground after being shot in New Orleans. Does she live? If so, how and what happens next? Does she marry Mark? Do they live happily ever after? And who exactly is Sonny and how does he come into the picture?

These were questions that we had in mind when laying out the story, and you know what? We actually worked on two books simultaneously from the material we came up with. The first is “Sopie.” It is named after the female protagonist of this novel, Anna Sopoulos. We chose her as the protagonist to give the readers a different point of view from “If”. “Sopie”, Mark’s pet name for Anna, is now available for pre-order to be delivered on the launch date, August 15th. The cover, description and links to order are located below. Pre-order and save 25%.

Writing “Sopie” opened up a new storyline for the third book of this trilogy, “Sonny’s Boy” due out in 2018, and in my humble opinion is going to be the best of the three.

But we promise…NO SEQUELS!


Can true love overcome resident evil?

In SOPIE, the second book in the Twin Flame Trilogy, a matured Anna Sopoulos reunites with the love of her life, Mark Banos. Leaving the witness protection program and New Orleans, Anna changes her name to Sopie Banos, and the couple, along with their teenage son Vinnie, move to rural Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. They plan to begin a new life of peace and tranquility.

Fate, however, has a different plan for the newly unified family. A looming darkness stalks them–waiting for the perfect moment to exact its ghastly revenge. Sopie soon discovers that the peace of her family’s rural life must be sacrificed for the good of the whole town.

Together, Sopie and Mark must use their combined supernatural abilities to rid their new community of this unimaginable horror before it can consume them all.

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