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My grandmother used to say, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”It’s a familiar saying that maybe your parents, grandparents or teachers used as well.

This was not the blog that I had planned for this week, but something hit me yesterday as I was reading a post by a female recording artist friend of mine. I was very sympathetic to her post as I myself had been in her shoes years ago, releasing record albums, (yeah I know that dated me) and always was a little self-conscious of the publicity photos. (I really have to work hard these days to make my corpse viewable when launching a new book, cheap plug…August 15th).

She had just released a new album this week and worked tirelessly on the photo shoot for the album cover as she is a little overweight and very conscious of the fact. She has tried very hard to recently lose 30 pounds and was very proud of her success, so much so she posted several before and after selfies recently. Her friends and fans gave her continued positive support feedback and were very kind.

For the album cover, she decided to do a face front image. Her fans wrote very uncomplimentary remarks concerning the cover and could not understand why her selfies seemed to make her look smaller. (They were profiles)

I know this is quite the passion in the entertainment industry, checking to see if Jel-Lo gained a couple of pounds or if Ken and Barbie got divorced. We just seem to thrive on one another’s misfortunes and sometimes miss out on what that person really has to offer. My friend isn’t trying to sell a weight loss system, she is, however, a very gifted singer.

Being from a Christian background, I recall the scripture that says that we shouldn’t try removing the speck from our eye when we still have a log in our own. It is so easy to judge or review someone else, but how do we feel when we receive that same judgement.

And why do we as a society place some professions under the microscope and not others? Do we judge the garbage collector for his appearance and post negative comments? Surely, he is just as important and probably has a larger fan base than I do. (Don’t believe me? Check with anyone in NYC next time there is a garbage collection strike)

Because we have been allowed to engage with people across the globe from the safety of the seat behind our computer, we think that it is our right and responsibility to say whatever we think to whoever we want, even the President of the United States. (Although I would still be careful there)

Even though we are technologically advanced and preach about diversity, bullying and offensiveness, we have forgotten the biggest rule of all. LOVE ALL UNCONDITIONALLY.

Above all else, love is our vocation. And as I have said many times, you have to search first for it from within and love yourself before you can love others. Since all souls in the universe are connected, wouldn’t it make sense to say that you can’t hurt someone else without hurting yourself?

Love is found from within, judgement from without. I think maybe i’d rather stay indoors today.

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