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How working with your dad influenced the storyline within “If.”

First of all, let me just say that working with my Dad is a total bore…just kidding. Honestly, writing “If” the way we did was the most rewarding writing experience I’ve participated in so far in my career. As Dad said last week, we each bring something different to the table and try to use our individual strengths to help supplement each other’s flaws.

And yes, we each have our flaws.

If took two years to write because I’m terrible at scheduling my own time. This is especially true when I let my emotions/stress/anxiety cripple my productivity. But Dad never gives up on me. It might sound annoying or downright intrusive to some of you out there, but Dad would text or call or email me EVERY DAY when he knew I was in a slump to prod me toward reading a new chapter or writing a new section. Even in the moment, I knew he wasn’t being pushy. He wasn’t rushing the book to completion. He was throwing a life saver out to his drowning son.

I started working on “If” because I thought it might be the last chance to produce a work of art with my Dad. I thought it this book was for his health and sanity but, the truth is, it was just as much the light in the dark for me as it was for him. Working with him on a real product gave me substance in a world of meaningless adjunct-slumming and it reminded me that I have the ability to create beauty in this world.

Like he told you last week, the story line of “If” was almost 100% Dad’s invention. My only real contribution to the plot itself was making some suggestions about scene organizations, flashbacks, and point of view shifts. The story remained the same, but I brought my expertise to bear in decisions of perspective. I’ve said this before but its worth repeating—we read the book now and often can’t remember which of us wrote what. And really, I think that says everything about what it was like to work together. We didn’t approach the project as two members of a team, we approached it as one author: Spencer Michaels.

I’d like to echo the sentiment from last week—there have been a lot of great reviews posted on Amazon and other sites. Also, there was a great turnout at our first book signing and I just want to express my eternal thanks to our fans. You are who we do this for and I hope that Dad and I get many more opportunities to interact with you as we continue to promote “If” and as the next two books in the trilogy make their way to you.

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