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Book Three of the Twin Flames Trilogy 

Sonny’s Boy

Coming October 16th 2018

Can true love extend beyond the grave?

After the death of Mark Banos, Sonny, Mark’s grandson, settles in for what he thinks will be a normal life with his new wife, Amy. But as he soon learns, fate has other plans. With the birth of his son, Tony, he discovers that the boy possesses the same mysterious powers that Mark once had. He further learns that Tony is also destined to meet his twin flame to accomplish a divine mission of their own.

Sonny’s Boy then follows the life of Tony, a boy who grows up carrying the incredible weight of divine fate on his shoulders. How can he focus on creating an identity all his own, finding love, or starting a family when he knows that, at any moment, his family’s past could come back to haunt him? Luckily, just as Mark and Anna experienced, Tony will receive spiritual advice as he walks his own path, providing guidance that he will surely need for the final battle ahead. But when resident evil long thought laid to rest returns, will Tony be prepared to give up his life to preserve what he holds most precious…or will someone take the cup from him?

Who will make the ultimate sacrifice?

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